Donald Moses

Donald Moses is the University Librarian at UPEI and has a deep interest in the transformative impact of open-source software and its application in the library context.

Rosie Le Faive

Rosie Le Faive has been a librarian at UPEI since 2014, and working with Islandora for a few years before that. They have been involved with the Metadata Interest Group for the last few years and likes to ask the annoying questions.

Don Richards

Don Richards has worked in academia since 2001 and has been an active developer within the Islandora community for over 7 years. Don has worked for multiple vendors and multiple universities, developing solutions for digital repositories, faculty submission portals, and institutional repository solutions. He is the IR interest Group maintainer and a maintainer and committer for several community repositories.

Nigel Banks

Nigel Banks has been working on and off in the Islandora community for over ten years, and works currently as a freelance developer. He is deeply involved in open source software, having contributed to well over 100 Git repositories in 15 different programming languages. He now resides in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Joe Corall

Joe Corall is currently employed by Pantheon as a Staff Software Engineer on their Platform Orchestration and Services team. In January 2020 while at Kent State University Libraries he led the development to launch Kent State’s Institutional Repository running on Islandora 2. In his spare time he has been creating an Islandora as a Service solution.

Dara Virks

Dara is the Project Manager Lead at Born-Digital. Prior to that she produced Drupal websites for 4 years. She has a background as a newspaper editor, and is passionate about history. She holds a master’s of science in information technologies from Marlboro College.

Chris Day

Chris Day is the Metadata Librarian at discoverygarden. Prior to starting this position at the beginning of the year he spent that past fifteen years as a Metadata and Digital Projects Librarian at academic institutions in the United States. Most recently he was the Digital Services Librarian at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he managed the Flaxman Library’s Islandora collection SAIC Digital Collections. In that time he migrated the collection from CONTENTdm to Islandora 7 and completed the first half of a migration to Islandora 2.0.

Alan Stanley

Alan is an Islandora contractor who has been working with the stack since 2010 - the days of Drupal 6. His contributions include many of the original solution packs, work with Digital Humanities, a couple of microservices, and the multi-file Islandora model.

Danny Lamb

Danny has over a decade of experience as a leader in the Islandora community. He started at Born-Digital in 2021 and works as their senior developer. Previously he was with the Islandora Foundation, where he served as the Islandora Technical Lead. Prior to his role at the Islandora Foundation, Danny spent nearly four years at discoverygarden, Inc. Danny is a long-time committer to the Islandora 7.x-1.x project and the primary architect of Islandora 2.0. He is also an experienced presenter and Islandora Camp instructor.

Mark Jordan

Mark Jordan is Associate Dean of Libraries for Digital Strategy at Simon Fraser University, and a long-time contributor to the Islandora platform and community. Currently he is spending most of his free time developing and supporting Islandora Workbench. He’s also currently the Chair of the Islandora Foundation Board of Directors.

Yamil Suárez

Yamil Suárez is the Associate Director of Library Systems & Web Development at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). Yamil has a bachelor’s degree of music in Music Education from Berklee College, and a master’s degree in Computer Science from Boston University. Berklee College is currently running ISLE7 and working on a migration to use ISLE2. He is also a co-convener of the Islandora community Documentation Interest Group (DIG).

Janice Banser

Janice Banser is the Digital & Web Services Librarian at Simon Fraser University (SFU) where she is part of a team responsible for the Library’s digital collections hosted on Islandora 7. She is the project manager for the current SFU Institutional Repository (IR) migration and upgrade to Islandora 2.0 and for the upcoming migration and upgrade of the SFU Library’s digital collections to Islandora 2.0.

Amy Blau

Amy Blau is the Scholarly Communications Librarian at Whitman College, where she manages the college repository, now migrated to Islandora 2.0. She currently serves as chair of the Islandora Coordinating Committee, representing the Islandora Collaboration Group.

Arran Griffith

Arran Griffith is the Program Manager at Fedora. She is responsible for guiding the overall direction of the Fedora program and community by collaboratively working with stakeholders and community members to engage users, pursue outreach and advocate for adoption. She originally started with Fedora in 2020 as the Community Engagement Coordinator and transitioned in to this role in May 2022.

Paige Morfitt

Paige (she/her) is the Digital Assets and Metadata librarian at Whitman College. Prior to that, she was a fresh-faced MLIS graduate working as a Library Assistant-Cataloger at Whitman. While working with MARC, she discovered the love of spreadsheets and cleaning messy metadata. She earned her MLIS at the University of Pittsburgh, and BA at Oregon State. Paige is also a co-convener for the Islandora Metadata Interest Group (MIG) which meets every other Monday.

Alexander O’Neill

Alexander is one of the original Islandora creators, and after using what he learned to pursue work in Silicon Valley in the academic publishing world, happily returned to UPEI and the Islandora community a few years ago. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has remained interested in incorporating emerging technologies and best practices into open source software. He is also a pub trivia host and a big lay fan of history and political economy.

Mirko Hanke

Mirko Hanke (he/him/his) is the Head of Preservation & Digital Stewardship at the University of Texas Libraries in Austin. He is currently working with the Libraries’ IT to migrate an Islandora 7-based Digital Asset Management System to the next generation of Islandora. He serves the Islandora community as a co-convener of the Documentation Interest Group (DIG).

Michelle Janowiecki

Michelle Janowiecki (she/her/hers) is a metadata librarian at Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries. She loves cleaning up spreadsheets, running Python scripts, and chatting about all things metadata. She works remotely from Ann Arbor, MI where she lives with her dog and husband. Find her at twitter at @michellejano.

Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor is the Chief Technology Officer of Discoverygarden has been with the company since 2012. He has almost twenty years of experience in systems administration and IT operations. Luke carries a number of AWS certifications and is Discoverygarden’s primary infrastructure architect. He is also currently an active member of the Islandora Leadership Group. Currently resides in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Morgan Dawe

Morgan Dawe is a Senior Developer at discoverygarden, with 9 years of experience working with islandora helping hundreds of organizations incorporate it. Primary focus over the last few years has been on front end development, working to provide rich, content driven experiences in Islandora & Drupal.